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Interest-Bearing Checking Details

Get Started

  • $100 minimum deposit is required to open.
  • Interest-Bearing Checking can be Fee-Free
    • This account has No Fee with $1,000 minimum balance or $2,500 average balance.
    • There is No Fee for customers whose combined First Trust personal account balances total $10,000 or more.
    • $7.50 monthly maintenance fee if No Fee status is not maintained.
  • Interest on this checking account is paid monthly on the entire balance of your account, and the rate goes up as your balances increase.


  • $0-$4,999.99
  • $5000-$9,999
  • $10,000-$49,000
  • $50,000 or more

Other Benefits

  • Access free Online Banking, Mobile App, and BillPay service.
  • $500 Overdraft Protection available. An Overdraft Protection option from Savings is also available.**
  • Choose free Money Management tools and Direct Connect for Quick Books and Quicken to keep your budget on track.
  • Free debit card with SecurLock Equip that allows you to control when and where your card can be used.
  • Free First Trust ATM's. No FTB fees at other banks' ATM's.


Contact us for an Account Disclosure with more detailed information about deposit accounts.  Must qualify for debit cards, overdraft protection, and Bill Pay.  All NSF and OD fees apply. 

**$7 fee per overdraft transfer from savings; the number of preauthorized, automatic, computer, or telephone transfers are limited to 6 per calendar month from savings.