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ACH Origination-Make electronic fund transactions online with ease, saving time and increasing efficiency.  


ACH Origination Types

Direct Deposit: Payroll, expense reimbursement, pension, and bonuses are examples of transactions credited directly to the bank and deposited to employee's accounts.  Benefits include reduced costs associated with account reconciliation, check production, and postage expenses.  

Vendor Payments: Pay your suppliers electronically!  The ACH is automated, convenient and predictable, giving you better control of your funds at less cost to your company.

Direct Debit: Collect one-time and recurring payments from your customers and suppliers electronically.  Payments include utilities, donations, membership fees, insurance premiums, subscriptions, rental fees and more.  Benefits include reduced expenses, a shortened collection time, and a low cost alternative for collection of recurring payments from customers.  

Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions are electronic debits and credits used to efficiently disburse employee payroll through direct deposit or electronically collect receipts through direct payment from any bank account in the United States.  Business customers can set up recurring ACH transactions allowing files to be sent every week or month with little effort on your part.  ACH origination is the most cost effective and timely way to move money.